Twitter Hashtags in Rooms

I want to answer a frequently asked question: what happened to the hashtag option when creating a new room?

There were a number of technical and legal changes that lead to me removing the hashtag feature several months ago, and that mean it probably won’t come back.

The technical changes should have just been a hiccup. I would have needed to change the way certain things worked, but that’s all. The legal changes, however, mean that I can’t display content from Twitter.

At the very least, I am not allowed by their Display Requirements to include content in a way that creates a good experience on TodaysMeet. At the worst, the way their API Terms are written, I may not be allowed to include content in a service like TodaysMeet at all.

These rules are Twitter’s to make and enforce, and the changes they’ve made recently have made it seem extremely unlikely that they will ever reverse direction and allow more liberal use of the content again.