Turn Rooms into Resources

Backchanneling is a great way to hear from everyone and have a conversation, but what happens when the conversation is over?

With Teacher Tools, your old rooms can become resources for you or others, because you can access, publish, and embed transcripts of closed rooms. Valuable discussion in class? Keep it embedded in your LMS. Great links shared in a PD session? Send a link to the transcript the next day.

You can always see your own closed rooms with Teacher Tools. When a room closes, it’s automatically set to Only me. But you can publish or re-enable embeds of the room just by clicking on the Access icon:

Closed rooms have all the same access rules as open rooms: you can make them public or limit them to signed in users or My School.

QR Codes and today.io links to the room will automatically point to the transcripts, so if you share those, you can be sure people will always get the right content, even if they can’t participate anymore. Embedded rooms will automatically switch to Transcript mode when the room is closed, so it’s easier to read the conversation.

And of course, since you can always see the transcripts of your old rooms, there’s no more worrying about the room closing before you can get back to it!

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