Transcripts just got Better!

There are a couple of small improvements to Transcripts that just came out, and I didn't want them to get lost in the hubbub of bigger changes.

Room Topics

If you're a Teacher Tools subscriber, you can set a Topic for your rooms to help keep them on task, or as a prompt that's always above all the comments.

Now, Transcripts include the Topic, right up at the top where it belongs!

Deleted Messages

There are lots of reasons why it's helpful to see the messages you deleted from a room. Maybe you want to clear out certain answers between class periods, or a comment might be off-topic or inappropriate, and you need to follow up later.

Now you can!

When viewing a Transcript, there is now a checkbox that will include all the deleted messages:

the toggle on a Transcript page

Only the owner of a room has access to the deleted messages. When others look at the transcript, they won't see them.

Deleted messages are available to everyone with a TodaysMeet account, so create your free one today!