TodaysMeet meets Twitter

[This post is from 2009. Twitter support has since been removed.]

Three changes went live tonight.

TodaysMeet finally met Twitter

There’s a new option when you create a room. You can optionally add a hash tag, and TodaysMeet will go search Twitter and pull in tweets tagged with it. This happens in very-near realtime, so it should feel pretty seamless.

I’m very interested to hear your feedback on this feature. Love it? Hate it? Confusing? Broken? Leave a comment!

Today’s Meet => TodaysMeet

I dropped the apostrophe. It looked weird. I’ll be trying to make sure that I’m consistent everywhere. If you’re going to write about TodaysMeet, I’d appreciate it if you could use this new spelling.

New Server

This server has been ready for a couple of months, but I got lazybusy.Yeah, busy. TodaysMeet had always been hosted on a server I typically use for experiments and new sites. Now it’s on its own. This should really improve uptime.

Again, if you notice any issues, please let me know.

I hope you enjoy the Twitter integration. I’ll continue to tinker with the site over the weekend. You can always check for faster updates.