#SOTU2015 on TodaysMeet


Join TodaysMeet for tonight’s State of the Union address! Create a room for your class or group to watch, discuss, and see real-time data about all the #SOTU2015 conversations. See reactions to the speech as it happens!

You get to have a private conversation in your own room, but see the reactions from all of TodaysMeet!

Here’s how to participate:

Step1Create a room with “SOTU” in the name, like “MrJamesCivicsSOTU”. See Update below!
Step2At 9pm Eastern, come to the TodaysMeet State of the Union page and join your room.
Step3Watch the speech and follow along with your class and with the rest of the world!
Can’t get to a desktop or laptop to use our page? You can still join in the discussion! Join your room as usual from your phone or tablet.


We’re analyzing conversations about tonight’s address and showing you the results in real time. How do we know if your room is about the State of the Union? You can tell us!UkCrWhen you set up your room for tonight, you can choose whether or not to include this room in our real-time analysis. If the name of your room contains “SOTU” or “StateOfTheUnion”, we’ll assume you want to be included, unless you opt-out. But you can opt-in any room!

Just make sure to sign in when you open the room.

What we’re analyzing

We’re still working down to the wire to bring you the most interesting data we can. We are automatically scanning the contents of the messages—not the names or nicknames—and looking at things like the most common and most interesting words, the overall feeling (happy/sad, positive/negative) and simply the number of comments posted.

If you want to mention someone by name, just put an “@” before it—like “@James I disagree!”—and we’ll ignore it.

Check back for updates!

Check this post and our Twitter account for updates through the day as we get closer to tonight’s address. See you there!