Sign Up for TodaysMeet and Take Control

It’s a big day for TodaysMeet! You can now take control of the rooms you create by signing up.

Here’s just a few of the things you can do with a free TodaysMeet account:

  • See a list of all your rooms, including which will close soon.
  • Open rooms that only other signed-in users can join.
  • Connect a Google Apps account to sign in with just one click.
  • Close rooms as soon as you’re done with them—or if they get out of hand.
  • Set your usual name in advance to save time joining rooms.
  • Get a consistent speaker color, every time you join a room, from any computer.
  • Open rooms for up to one year.

TodaysMeet accounts are completely optional, and they always will be. You can open or participate in a room without ever signing up. Even if you’re signed in, you can create rooms that anyone can join—or restrict a room to only others who are signed in, it’s totally up to you! However, you will need to sign up and be signed in to take advantage of these new features.

There are more new tools for everyone, even anonymous users:

  • You can now see absolute dates (e.g. “1:49pm, Tue, Jul 8, 2014”) instead of relative (e.g. “7 minutes ago”) in rooms. Click on the options gear to switch back and forth.
  • Both the relative date preference and your speaker colors preference are saved in your browser.
  • Room transcripts are easier to read—and print—and dates are in your timezone!

Follow this blog or the TodaysMeet Twitter account over the next few days for more details about some of the new features and how they will help teachers manage their classrooms.