Room Tools Everywhere

Your TodaysMeet home page just got an update!

The list of rooms on the home page used to look like this:

the old room list

This gave quick access to a few tools, namely Pausing rooms, changing who could access the room, and closing it, as well as a couple of useful links (transcripts and QR codes).

The problem was that these tools and links aren't very easy to understand. There are a handful of terse icons that don't even look like buttons. Some of them do things on the current page, maybe opening up additional controls. Others take you to a new page. It's confusing. And there's not much room for new features without making it worse.

Now, the list of rooms looks more like this!

the new list of rooms

Clicking on the dots will expand each room, giving you something much more like the Room Tools:

room tools, expanded

From here it's immediately obvious how to get to the transcript, projector view, short link, or QR code; to get info about the room; to close it; or to change who can see the room.

I'm excited about making TodaysMeet even easier to use, and to take advantage of this new format to make it easier to add new features!

And I'll definitely be tweaking to make the new list better, so if you have thoughts about it, leave a comment here, on Twitter, or email me!