Quick Tip! Room Tools

TodaysMeet Rooms have several useful tools available at the bottom right-hand corner of the messages.

Room Tools


When you want to display a Room somewhere with just the content, like a projector, IWB, or on another computer off to the side, you can use the Projector view. You’ll only get the live stream of messages, front-and-center, without the space to write posts.


Want to save the Room after the discussion is over? Transcript view gives you the room in chronological order for easier reading, and from there it’s easy to copy-and-paste, save, or print the discussion to save for later.


You’ll find the Options menu by clicking on the Gear. The Options menu tells you when the Room will close, and lets you toggle Speaker Colors.

Explore the Room Tools in the bottom corner and keep your eyes peeled for new tools and features!