New Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

TodaysMeet’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy just got an upgrade! This morning we introduced a new version of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that are now in effect. What does this mean for TodaysMeet users?

Over the past year and a half, TodaysMeet has changed a lot! You can sign up, subscribe to Teacher Tools, and keep track of your rooms forever. When you do, you trust us with more data, and we need to store that data in new ways. The new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy reflect these changes and our commitment to protecting the data you share with us.

The new Terms of Service largely overlap with the old version. It’s been tailored to TodaysMeet, and a number of areas—including what to do about copyrighted material and notes for users outside the United States—have been clarified. New sections have been added to explain both your rights and ours regarding accounts and Teacher Tools.

The new Privacy Policy reiterates TodaysMeet’s commitment to protecting students and their data. We’ve clarified what we do share and with whom. We’ve made it easier for us to work with school administrators in cases of abuse or bullying, while maintaining our policy of collecting and storing as little information as necessary to provide an effective classroom tool.

We’ve also updated the site to better protect users under the age of 13 by limiting the information participants without accounts use to join a room to just a first name or nickname.

We’re very excited about the new Terms and Privacy Policy! Please contact us with any questions at