New Server - Successful Test

Today’s Meet has made the move to a new web host and server. Some of you may have noticed a little downtime while the DNS change was propagating. Looking at usage, though, I doubt many people were affected.

I’m also happy to report that Today’s Meet was used live in a university classroom this week. Hello to any MSU students who make it here.

The results have given me some good things to think about and rearranged some of my development priorities. But on the whole, the users—who were not, in general, experienced social media users—seemed to pick up the idea quickly, and jumped right in to having real conversations about the material.

Of course, they also ran into the same problem Twitter users have during presentations: If you spend too much time reading, you miss the talk; if you spend too much time listening, you can miss the side conversations.

It’s a balancing act, and social media power users have had a little head start on learning to walk the line. It’s great to see people in education jump on the wagon, too.