Introducing Room Passwords

Starting today, Teacher Tools subscribers can use passwords to protect their rooms. The password is required to read or participate in the room, offering a great new option for keeping rooms private!

  • Room passwords can be used even when participants don't have TodaysMeet accounts, including primary school students.
  • Room passwords can also be used along with Logged-in or My School, and Pause.
  • Each room can have its own unique password, and passwords can be added, changed, or removed at any time.
  • Adding or changing a room password will remove everyone from the room, until they enter the new password.
  • Room passwords can also be applied to transcripts you've made public with Teacher Tools.

Here's how it works:

  1. First, you add a password to your room, either when you create it or later.
  2. You share the link to the room.
  3. You also share the room password—maybe waiting until the activity starts.
  4. When participants open the link to the room, they are prompted to enter the password.
  5. Once they do, they participate in the room normally.

users are prompted for the password

Room passwords are a very powerful tool for controlling a room. Like Pausing a room, they can be used to stop participation, but unlike Pause they also prevent students from even reading the transcript of a room.

Because they can be changed at any time, even if a participant chooses to share the password, the room can still be secured.

users see this when you change the password

Give Room Passwords a try by subscribing to Teacher Tools—as always, you can cancel at any time—and let me know what you think! You can comment here, on Twitter or via email.