Improve Privacy and Accountability with My School

My School lets teachers limit who can see or participate in their rooms to students and faculty of their school, greatly improving the privacy of their rooms. It also greatly improves the accountability by making it much harder to change their identities. Here’s how My School works, and how it steps up privacy and accountability for students.

How My School works

When you sign up or sign in to TodaysMeet, you do so with an email address and a password. An email address has two parts, which I’ll call the user and the domain. The user is the part of the email address before the @-sign. The domain is the part that comes after the @-sign.

For example, if your email address is, the user is “help” and the domain is ““.

My School works by limiting who may join a room by their email domain. So if I set up a My School room, it would let users who signed up with and join, but not

So My School has two requirements:

  1. Your students must have working school-issued email addresses with a school domain, for example or
  2. Your students must sign up for TodaysMeet accounts with this email address. So they must 1. Be 13 years old and otherwise agree to the Terms of Service
  3. Confirm their email address by clicking on a link in an email when they sign up
  4. Collecting parental permission is strongly encouraged even if it’s not legally required where you live.

You can go into your settings to configure all the domains used at your school.


When you use My School, TodaysMeet stops other users, even signed-in users, from joining your room if they aren’t associated with your school. Even though this is extremely rare, especially with unique room names, it’s additional peace of mind.


More importantly and more commonly, because My School requires a verified email address from your school, it’s very difficult for students to change their identity and escape accountability for their actions.

Whenever you are signed in, your Speaker Color is the same. If you change your name, or even if you change your email address, the Speaker Color will be constant. For grading or, when necessary, for discipline, TodaysMeet accounts can improve accountability quite a bit.

But while it’s relatively easy to create a new email address at a free service—and use that to create a new TodaysMeet account—creating a new school email address is very difficult. My School means that just signing up for a new account with a fake email address is not enough: students must prove the email address is associated with the school, that it is real, and that they own it.

My School is part of Teacher Tools, which is available now for (US)$5 per month. Upgrade today!