Helping out Bigger Rooms

If you’ve had a room that’s been around for a while and has a lot of comments, you might have noticed it feeling very slow to load—or worst of all, never even loading!

I made changes last night that should make TodaysMeet way faster and more reliable when it encounters a room like that.

TodaysMeet now loads fewer messages at a time, and will fill in the history as you scroll down. If you are scrolling back through the history of a room, you may notice a few pauses while we fetch, but we want them to be barely noticeable, if at all.

A few hundred users may have seen messages that said a particular room was closed. These messages were mistaken (of course, a few rooms actually did close last night). To make them go away, all you need to do is reload the page. Still, the errors are confusing and regrettable, and I’m sorry about them. I will do better to make sure those changes happen more smoothly in the future.

If you experience any other problems reading rooms, especially rooms with lots and lots of comments, please let me know here, on Twitter, or by emailing