Downtime for maintenance this weekend

TodaysMeet will be unavailable for several short periods this weekend (March 6-8) while one of our service providers performs necessary maintenance.

They have apologized to us, and I apologize to you, for the short notice and inconvenience. This maintenance is critical and cannot be rescheduled. Hopefully the interruptions will also be far shorter than planned.

Times are given in US Eastern Standard and UTC (in case I messed up the conversion from UTC to Eastern).

  • 2am–4am, Friday, March 6th (07:00–09:00 UTC).
  • 7pm–9pm, Friday, March 6th (00:00–02:00, March 7th, UTC).
  • 9pm–11pm, Saturday, March 7th (02:00–04:00, March 8th, UTC).

There may be interruptions during the following windows, but they should not be noticeable:

  • 5am–7am, Friday, March 6th (10:00–12:00 UTC).
  • 10pm Friday, March 6th–12am Saturday, March 7th (03:00–05:00, March 7th, UTC).
  • 2pm–4pm, Saturday, March 7th (19:00–21:00 UTC).