Device Support Update

TodaysMeet works in all sorts of classrooms, from 1:1 laptops to iPads or other tablets to BYOD. As the ever-changing landscape evolves, I try to support a broad range of devices and browsers.

“Supported” means that TodaysMeet works. You can open new rooms, join rooms, and engage in conversations. Not all browsers and devices are created equally, so even on supported platforms there might be small differences.

If you experience any problems with TodaysMeet on a supported platform, please let me know and I will work to fix it as quickly as I can.

Desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome (up-to-date and any extended-support versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (up-to-date and any extended-support versions)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 and above)
  • Apple Safari (version 7 and above)
  • Opera (up-to-date and any extended-support versions)

Mobile browsers:

  • iOS - Safari (built-in, iOS 6 and above)
  • Chrome (up-to-date versions)
  • Android - Android Browser (built-in, version 4 and above)
  • Chrome (up-to-date versions)
  • Firefox (up-to-date versions)

If a browser or device isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean TodaysMeet won’t work, but that it isn’t tested and I can’t promise that it will work correctly. It’s worth giving it a try.