Control the Conversation

Teacher Tools helps you control the conversation by introducing three new tools: Pause, Mute, and Topics.

Keep the focus on the activity with Topics. Use them for prompts or questions: when the topic changes, everyone sees it in real time. Use Topics with Pause to give everyone time to think before answering.

Unlike closing a room, when you Pause a room, you can come back and restart the conversation where you left off! You can leave rooms open for students to read and refer to without worrying about what they’re saying when you’re not there to monitor it.

Of course, with Teacher Tools you can publish and embed transcripts of closed rooms, too!

If the conversation starts going off track, Pause to interrupt and refocus. One or two students continuing to give you trouble? Mute them for the rest of the backchannel. They won’t know they’ve been muted, so it looks like the rest of the class has just lost interest in them.

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