Closing Rooms Early

I receive a steady stream of requests to close rooms early, so I wanted to clarify the situations in which I will or will not close a room. This has been an informal, but consistent, policy, so I wanted to write it down.

will close a room early if it contains

  • Objectionable material, such as described in the Terms of Use,
  • Copyrighted material not appropriately licensed,
  • Evidence of cyberbullying.

These are not the only examples, and I will use my own discretion in extreme or unique cases.

If you find a room that meets any of these criteria, please email me at (Twitter and other email address might work, but I make no promises there.) Please include the name of the room and, if you are a teacher using the room for class, please try to use an official school email address. If the room is not in English, please also include some of the objectionable language or material.

If you email me at, I will do my very best to respond and remove the room within one US business day, assuming I’m not traveling*.

I will not (generally) close rooms if

  • The name was “wrong”,
  • The class or event is over and the room is “done”,
  • The expiration date was “wrong”,
  • Another room using the name already exists.

There are three reasons for this policy.

  1. Time. I simply don’t have time to respond to all such requests.
  2. Fairness. Other users of the room may expect the room to continue to be available.
  3. Laisse faire. In all decisions, my preference is to remain as hands-off as possible. I hope users trust that the content of the site is not subject to my whims.

And as I said above, in other unique or extreme cases, it’s a question of judgement and discretion.

I hope this helps answer a very frequently asked question.

  • I mention traveling because I am leaving the country in a few hours. Once I land, in about 2 days, I will have internet access again and be able to help, but while I’m on the plane I assume I’ll be cut off. The travel takes place on the 23rd-25th of January, and the 1st-2nd of February.