Browser Support for 2016

To provide the best, fastest, and most secure version of TodaysMeet possible, around this time each year, we revisit which browsers it makes sense to support. As of March 15th, 2016, TodaysMeet will support the following browsers:

Evergreen browsers (supporting the two most recent versions):

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox (and the most recent Extended Support Release)
  • Microsoft Edge

Other browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 11
  • Apple Safari, version 8 and above

Mobile browsers:

  • iOS version 8 and above
    • Safari
    • Chrome (most recent version)
  • Chrome for Android (most recent version)

The major changes are around Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge, Opera, iOS updates, and Android browser. Details of these changes and the reasons behind them are below.

What does this mean?

We test TodaysMeet in supported browsers, and we'll fix bugs that affect supported browsers.

If a browser is not supported, it doesn't necessarily mean that TodaysMeet won't work, but if it does, there may be noticeable issues.

It does not mean that TodaysMeet will suddenly stop working in unsupported browsers. But it does mean that over time people using those browsers may see issues.

Why is this changing?

Browser makers continually add new tools that make it easier for web developers to deliver great, fast, secure products.

Most browsers—like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge—are "evergreen," meaning they release frequent updates and keep themselves up-to-date automatically. Other browsers—like Internet Explorer and Safari—release new versions less frequently and require you to take some action to update, like upgrading iOS on your phone.

Because older versions of browsers don't support the new tools, it is harder—sometimes even impossible—to build new features that rely on those tools. When it is possible to work around, it might mean it takes longer to develop a feature, or a slower or less-secure experience for everyone, even those on newer browsers.

Browser vendors usually stop providing support for older versions of their browsers. Those browsers may have known security vulnerabilities, and using them can put you at risk. While we want TodaysMeet to work on as many devices as possible, we also want to encourage our users to keep themselves safe by using up-to-date browsers.

And of course, every browser we test takes time, so we don't want to bother testing in browsers that aren't important to you, TodaysMeet's users.

So it's important to periodically re-evaluate which browsers we commit to supporting, both to understand what it costs to support older versions, and to identify new browsers or versions, like Microsoft Edge.

When evaluating whether to continue supporting an older browser, we look at several factors. The big ones are:

  • How many people use TodaysMeet with browser? Is this increasing or decreasing?
  • Is the vendor still releasing security updates for this browser?
  • Are there critical features missing from this browser? Can they be worked around?

End of Support for old Microsoft Internet Explorer versions

Since last year, there's been a marked drop off in TodaysMeet visitors using Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10, and an increase in version 11 and Microsoft's new browser Edge.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced the End of Support for old versions of Internet Explorer. IE 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer, and is the only version still receiving security updates.

TodaysMeet is going to follow Microsoft's lead, and will continue to support only the latest version of Internet Explorer, and start supporting Edge.

New iOS Version

In the past year Apple introduced iOS 9 and several new phones and tablets. Apple only supports the latest iOS version, but new versions don't always work so well on older devices, so when a new version comes out, it doesn't completely replace older ones.

iOS 7 use dropped off sharply after iOS 9 came out, and is continuing to drop. So TodaysMeet will continue its practice of supporting the two most recent iOS versions, in this case 8 and 9.

Ending Explicit Opera Support

Opera has always been a niche browser and has never represented a significant portion (<0.1%) of TodaysMeet's users.

Opera also uses the same underlying technology—Blink—as Chrome, so anything that works in Chrome is likely to work in Opera.

We expect that TodaysMeet will continue to work in Opera, but we are no longer explicitly supporting it.

Android Browser and Firefox for Android

Early last year, Google ended support for the built-in Android Browser and encouraged users to switch to Chrome for Android. They are no longer providing security updates or including the Android Browser in new versions of Android.

Use of Android Browser on TodaysMeet dropped sharply following that announcement, so we no longer support it. We join Google in encouraging anyone using Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to switch to Chrome.

Use of Firefox on Android has actually increased on TodaysMeet in the past year, but it still represents a tiny percentage of users. While Firefox on Android should work as long as Firefox on desktop does, we are ending explicit support for now.