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Welcome to TodaysMeet 2.0!

The system upgrade was a success!

I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to the brand shiny new TodaysMeet. Things may not seem very different at first glance, so I wanted to give a quick rundown of the visible, and not so visible, changes.

First, the visible changes:

  • Year-long rooms are back! They’ve been missing for a while but now you can open up a room for a year.
  • The site has been streamlined (a little)! Most of the gradients have been replaced with simple flat colors. Expect more simplifying and streamlining of the site over the summer—but nothing huge.
  • More keyboard-friendly. When chatting in a room, the Enter key submits your comment. (Hold Shift and hit Enter for a new line.)
  • Less repetitive. TodaysMeet now tries to prevent accidental duplicate posts.
  • It’s faster. The whole site should feel faster when using it.

Then there are some less visible changes, too. These are generally about making TodaysMeet easier to run or easier to build new features.

  • A whole new platform. TodaysMeet was originally created around five years ago and this is the first major update to the code.
  • Completely rewritten front-end. The site should feel faster, smoother, and take advantage of new browsers when it can.
  • New error tracking and performance monitoring tools make it possible for me to identify, understand, and respond to issues with the TodaysMeet.

If you discover any issues, or if anything seems broken, please comment here or email me at

[Update to clarify, 30 June 2013] The “managing tools” I referred to above are administrative tools that make it easy for me to respond to your requests faster. They are not yet available within TodaysMeet.

10 Responses to “Welcome to TodaysMeet 2.0!”

  1. Matt Schneider Says:

    Dear Today’s Meet,

    We utilize your chat site on a daily basis as a source of communication with our online students. I was curious to hear about any recent feedback you may have received about some of the new features, in particular the time students wait to get a response. To be honest, we really liked the old system better when it left us the time and date from which a message was sent. Any way you would ever consider going back to that old feature? Thank you Today’s Meet.

  2. James Says:

    Matt: I have gotten a few comments. I think the relative dates are easier to follow (and always correct regardless of timezone) for very recent messages, but for older messages or when reading a transcript, the full date is more helpful. (You can see the absolute time right now by hovering your mouse over the “x minutes ago”.)

  3. christie Says:

    it’s my first time to use, so i don’t have an idea of the older version…. it’s nice that we this on the web.

  4. Ange Says:

    How do I delete a comment – looking for the room management tools you describe above.

  5. Quezz Says:


    I am curious about language support on TodaysMeet. I used Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic input and it all seemed to work well. TodaysMeet is Unicode compliant, or are there certain keyboards or formats that won’t work on the site?

    Thanks for making TodaysMeet, I love backchanneling and use it all the time.

  6. James Says:

    TodaysMeet supports Unicode all the way through, and tries to use fonts with a very large set of characters. As long as your computer has the correct characters available, they should work fine. (Some versions of Windows or Mac OS don’t have them all by default.)

  7. Debbie freeman Says:

    Something new……….can not wait to try

  8. Brendan Says:

    Room Management Tools- are they available yet?
    I would like to be able to delete comments in my room, I think that is a big issue when using it in the classroom.

  9. James Says:

    Hi Brendan. I tried to clarify in the update from June 30th, those are administrative tools that help me answer requests faster, which is why they are mentioned alongside error reporting and monitoring.

  10. Debbie Schell Says:

    How do you have students join your room?

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