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Quick Tip! Room Tools

TodaysMeet Rooms have several useful tools available at the bottom right-hand corner of the messages.

Room Tools


When you want to display a Room somewhere with just the content, like a projector, IWB, or on another computer off to the side, you can use the Projector view. You’ll only get the live stream of messages, front-and-center, without the space to write posts.


Want to save the Room after the discussion is over? Transcript view gives you the room in chronological order for easier reading, and from there it’s easy to copy-and-paste, save, or print the discussion to save for later.


You’ll find the Options menu by clicking on the Gear. The Options menu tells you when the Room will close, and lets you toggle Speaker Colors.

Explore the Room Tools in the bottom corner and keep your eyes peeled for new tools and features!

18 Responses to “Quick Tip! Room Tools”

  1. Sarah Foster Says:

    Good stuff. Trying to use for a teacher presentation. Speak Life/anti-bullying

  2. Katie Says:

    I want to be able to delete what the other people post on my site but not let them get rid of anything.

  3. christine Says:

    Can I get an embed code to embed the meeting on a website or moodle ?

  4. James Says:

    There is not currently a way to embed a TodaysMeet room, but it’s something many people have asked for and that I am working on.

  5. Lars Says:

    I just set up a iecbit room and posted a comment there which I’d like to remove before going live. Any way to moderate and/or delete stuff?


  6. James Says:

    There is not currently a way to moderate the content of a room. For testing rooms, I recommend the one or two hour options. If a room has content that violates the terms of service, please let me know at

  7. Mark Says:

    Great tool for my grade 8 class. Lots of different uses. Wish there was a way to download a copy of a transcript to a PDF or Word file. Thanks for the resource!

  8. Bob Says:

    Here’s how I print the transcript to a PDF:
    I select the PRINT command and select PDF as my printer using a free program I downloaded called “PrimoPDF”

  9. Jackie Says:

    Most of my students loved using this in math class this week. Unfortunately a few immature students used it to say silly things or type another student’s name with comments. The classes are sad that one or two in each class will spoil the experience. Since I have no way of knowing who created a “new” identity I cannot discipline or keep those students off of the website. It would be great if the person who created the room is able to delete a comment.

  10. Sara Says:

    Is there a way to track which computer inappropriate posts are coming from? I am using this in a classroom, but some kids from outside of the classroom are posting inappropriate material. We have a tech department. Could they find the source?

  11. Katie Says:

    Like Jackie, I teach middle school tech and would love to use it, but since i can’t delete inappropriate comments and they can create identities that are not their own, well it doesn’t go well. Hoping you allow the person who created a room to delete things soon. I have been waiting awhile…

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    Anonymity is one of the powerful features of the TodaysMeet. It let’s everyone participate. There are no stupid questions. Being silly is part of the fun at any age, though impersonation can be hurtful. I recommend reviewing the terms of service with the students before using the tool. This is a great opportunity to teach them social responsibility in the digital world.

  13. Kendra Says:

    Is there a way to Delete your comments ????

  14. Matthew Says:

    It is self-evident that anonymity and social responsibility and offering all manner of questions can be important parts of participating in todaysmeet sessions. However, what I (and what I sense others who are posting) want to know is whether this is a sound tool of assessment when identities can be cloaked from even the host of the room, the one who is generally the one doing the assessment. After using the tool several dozen times, I recently ran into this as a problem in one of my sections.

  15. Jillian Says:

    Hi peeps! Once a room is closed, how can I go back and print the transcript?
    Thanks Bunches for your time in responding! :)

  16. Paula Thompson Says:

    Me too! … I want to be able to delete some of what the other people post on my site but not let them get rid of anything.

  17. James Says:

    There’s not yet a way to delete individual comments, but you can now take more control of the room as a whole.

    Deleting individual comments is something I am hard at work on right now, though I can’t give much hint of a date it will be available.

  18. James Says:

    Jillian, please email with the name of the room and I’ll see what I can do.

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