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New Feature: Quickly follow speakers by color

Sometimes, especially when conversation is moving quickly, it can be hard to quickly identify who said what.

As of today, you can optionally turn on Speaker Colors. These help you follow a conversation faster without reading everyone’s name all the time.

Here’s how to turn Speaker Colors on:

The Room Options button, located below the room content.

First, find the Options button in the bottom right corner of the messages. Click it to open (or close) the list of Room Options.

Enabling the Speaker Colors option

Use the check box to toggle the Speaker Colors option. Here’s what it looks like!

A room with Speaker Colors enabled.

Here’s a room with three participants named James. Confusing! But with Speaker Colors enabled, it’s easy to differentiate. Even when James 1 changes his user name (how conscientious!) his Speaker Color stays the same, so we can keep following his contributions.

For those wondering, I have worked on a team with three Jameses. It was a fantastic team. And sometimes confusing.

This feature—and others to come—will probably evolve slightly over time, but for me to make it better I need your feedback! Comment here, find me on Twitter, or email with your comments, concerns, or suggestions.

Happy Backchannelling!

7 Responses to “New Feature: Quickly follow speakers by color”

  1. Pseudonymity and Consequences | Coffee on the Keyboard Says:

    […] Saturday, TodaysMeet’s model of identity—or at least what was exposed to users—was […]

  2. Sandra McCarthy Says:

    Hi, I can not find the options box, it does not appear on my screen. What do I need to do?

  3. James Says:

    Do you see the gear in the corner? Can you click it? If not, what browser and version are you using?

  4. Sandra McCarthy Says:

    Thanks, found it now.
    It looks like the colours change each day, each time my students have logged in. This feature will be good to follow that posts they make each day.
    Thanks for your help.

  5. Monica Martinez Says:

    The ‘Options’ button does not show up as an option. I am using Chrome, and have also looked in Safari and it did not show there either. I do not see a ‘gear’ in the corner (as suggested to look for based on the above chat). Is a plug-in required?

  6. Monica Martinez Says:

    I figured it out. It confused me a little with the ‘options’ button you have displayed in the example above. Also, it would help to clarify that you have to create the room first. Thanks for the change. Great new feature. :)

  7. Sandra Says:

    Hi is there any way of tracking devices, so that each time that device logs on it is the same colour, for if some people log in with nicknames or real names on the same day or even on different days in my room.

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