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Copy and Share Your Room

Careful observers might notice a slight change to the bottom of the Room today. Where there was short link to the room itself, now it’s easy to copy and share, via Twitter, email, or a classroom management system.

Copy Button

Simply click the Copy button and the link will be copied into your clipboard, then send it out to your audience or your class.

These URLs are designed for sharing: not only are they short and Twitter-(or TodaysMeet!)-friendly, but they’re often better than the Room’s full URL. Every URL is unique, so even if your room has closed and its name has been reused, the old URL will let people know the room they’re looking for closed, rather than sending them to the new, wrong room.
Happy Chatting!

One Hour Rooms

TodaysMeet now supports one-hour long rooms!

Many of you have already noticed. One-hour rooms, which replaced the unpopular 12-hour option, are already the second most common.

How can we do even better? Please take the survey and let us know how you’re using rooms. Your input will help make TodaysMeet better!

2014 State of the Union Room

Joining with teachers and students across the country, I’ve opened an official TodaysMeet State of the Union room. The address begins at 9pm, Eastern, and I’ll be there (I’m “James Socol”) to watch and chat along with you all.

This is President Obama’s 6th State of the Union, and takes place in a congressional election year. 6th SOTUs have always been important because of their potential impact on the upcoming elections. How will policy statements tip the scales in each district? What role will party politics play in the speech?

Join me at 9pm this evening, and let’s find out together!

Scheduled Maintenance: Sunday 22 September 2013

There will be a brief scheduled maintenance window on Sunday from 10am to 11am Eastern Time. TodaysMeet will be unavailable during this time. Please follow along here, on Twitter, or at for updates.

This maintenance window is to pick up updates to the code and to the hosting systems.

If you have questions or a room that closes during this maintenance window please email

Welcome to TodaysMeet 2.0!

The system upgrade was a success!

I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to the brand shiny new TodaysMeet. Things may not seem very different at first glance, so I wanted to give a quick rundown of the visible, and not so visible, changes.

First, the visible changes:

  • Year-long rooms are back! They’ve been missing for a while but now you can open up a room for a year.
  • The site has been streamlined (a little)! Most of the gradients have been replaced with simple flat colors. Expect more simplifying and streamlining of the site over the summer—but nothing huge.
  • More keyboard-friendly. When chatting in a room, the Enter key submits your comment. (Hold Shift and hit Enter for a new line.)
  • Less repetitive. TodaysMeet now tries to prevent accidental duplicate posts.
  • It’s faster. The whole site should feel faster when using it.

Then there are some less visible changes, too. These are generally about making TodaysMeet easier to run or easier to build new features.

  • A whole new platform. TodaysMeet was originally created around five years ago and this is the first major update to the code.
  • Completely rewritten front-end. The site should feel faster, smoother, and take advantage of new browsers when it can.
  • New error tracking and performance monitoring tools make it possible for me to identify, understand, and respond to issues with the TodaysMeet.

If you discover any issues, or if anything seems broken, please comment here or email me at

[Update to clarify, 30 June 2013] The “managing tools” I referred to above are administrative tools that make it easy for me to respond to your requests faster. They are not yet available within TodaysMeet.

Maintenance Windows – Sunday 26 May 2013

Starting right now, TodaysMeet will be offline for several hours.

Please follow along on Twitter or at for updates. I’ll update this post when the window is over.

Major Service Upgrade and Maintenance Sunday, May 26

TodaysMeet will be offline all of Sunday, May 26, 2013, for service upgrades.

After months of testing and planning, on Sunday, May 26th, I am upgrading TodaysMeet to a new, better platform.

I expect the downtime to be significantly shorter than all-day but there may be brief (or not so brief) service interruptions all day. Monday (Memorial Day in the United States) and Tuesday may also see interruptions, but I plan to be on-hand to address anything that comes up immediately.

I’m very excited for this change, which will bring TodaysMeet onto a much more modern and powerful platform.

Uptime Status and Reports

If you’ve ever wondered if TodaysMeet was suffering from an outage, you can now check, with real-time uptime status and reports at

The front page shows you the recent service status, or click on “” to view more detailed or historical reports.

I’m making this data public and easily accessible because it is part of my commitment to providing a reliable service. Thanks to Pingdom for providing a great uptime-monitoring service with reports.

Twitter Hashtags in Rooms

I want to answer a frequently asked question: what happened to the hashtag option when creating a new room?

There were a number of technical and legal changes that lead to me removing the hashtag feature several months ago, and that mean it probably won’t come back.

The technical changes should have just been a hiccup. I would have needed to change the way certain things worked, but that’s all. The legal changes, however, mean that I can’t display content from Twitter.

At the very least, I am not allowed by their Display Requirements to include content in a way that creates a good experience on TodaysMeet. At the worst, the way their API Terms are written, I may not be allowed to include content in a service like TodaysMeet at all.

These rules are Twitter’s to make and enforce, and the changes they’ve made recently have made it seem extremely unlikely that they will ever reverse direction and allow more liberal use of the content again.

How to Report Abuse or Issues

There is now a dedicated email address for site issues and help with abuse or bullying:

Please use this address to report any issues with the site, like if it doesn’t work for you, and for any questions about writing about, printing screen shots from, or the Terms of Use of the site.

Please also use this address in cases of inappropriate language, bullying, name-calling, etc, in your class’ TodaysMeet room. You should save a copy of the transcript first, and let me know if you’re ready for the room to be closed early.

I’m still paying attention on Twitter, but this is more direct and a better way to reach me. (And to avoid getting lost in the jungle of my personal inbox.)

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